Crank down the brightness of your phone and hush your voices while you're reading this because the teaser of A Quiet Place 2  has just dropped and we are screaming on the inside. 

Source: ScreenRant

Spoiler Alert 

The dystopian thriller is back with a bang as it picks up from John Krisinki's death. In the teaser, we can see Emily Blunt's character leading the way with her kids as they tip-toe around a pile of dried leaves. 

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The family is also seen carrying a lot of luggage, which makes me wonder if they're planning to leave their home in search for a safer place and thinking about the unnamed threat who preys on sound is making me more nervous. 

Source: Screen Rant

As the Abbott family sets on a journey afoot, watch this 30-second-long nailbiting teaser will give you goosebumps and beat your heart faster: 

The 30-second-long teaser was stressful AF and we can't wait to see the full trailer which will release on New Year's Day.