In the age of social media, celebrities certainly appear more ‘accessible’. But there’s something to be said about the old-world charm, where your favourite celebrities were not just a ‘tweet’ away. 

At least that’s the world Alt News co-founder Sam Jawed brought alive, with a Twitter thread about her late aunt’s letters to yesteryear Bollywood stars. 

Sam shared a thread with copies of letters her late aunt posted to Bollywood stars from the 1950s and 60s, along with the responses from the stars.

From personal inquiries to beautifully penned responses to information about upcoming films, the responses are truly a treasure trove, giving a beautiful glimpse into a different era of Bollywood. 

While Sunil Dutt responded to her letter in Urdu, Tabassum responded with a hand-written letter. 

And even though some of the images have been damaged by the passage of time, their charm is certainly everlasting. 

Many people shared the thread, while thanking Sam for sharing such an invaluable treasure: 

Now that’s what you call a blast from the past!