It has been over a decade since our fave movie of all time Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na blessed us with the cutest friends and an even cuter Imran Khan. 

But while we couldn’t take our eyes off of Jai and Aditi’s adorable story, y’all gotta admit that their entire gang of oddballs including Jiggy, Rotlu, Sandhya and Shaleen were much more than just ‘any’ supporting actors. 


And while we’re at it, did you guys ever feel something different about Shaleen? I mean of course, apart from being a complete badass, cool person. Some might even say the woman seemed more into women then men, no? 


Well, if the thought never crossed your mind then boo you, cuz we found a Twitter thread that felt our exact sentiments AND we couldn’t be happier.  

This clip turned all our confusions into a reality cuz WE KNEW IT! I mean, apart from being another level of cool, Shaleen’s character was low-key showcasing her queer representation way before people even thought about it. Turns out the Director of the film had confirmed that in the DVD commentary. Wut?   

Massive chops to the film for the subtle hint that did not fetishize, ridicule or caricature an LGBTQ character and just presented it for what it is. 

While some netizens were glad they knew this all along, some were shocked AF. 

We just can’t contain our happiness that this film was so ahead of its time.