There are some stars whose presence continue to loom larger than life, even after death. Because such is the love and adoration that they have amassed from the public. Like Madhubala. 


Undoubtedly one of Hindi cinema’s most talented and adored actors, Madhubala’s private life and romantic relationships received widespread media attention. 

Now, a Twitter user Yaser Khan has shared instances from the late actor’s life and relationships, apparently as narrated by Madhubala’s sister, Madhur Bhushan. 

The Twitter thread, which has now gone viral, talks about how Madhubala and Dilip Kumar fell in love on the sets of Tarana (1951) and dated for nine years. 


Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t her father who led to their break-up, but allegedly, Dilip Kumar’s ego. 

In a conflict over scheduling location for a film, Dilip Kumar apparently sided with producers and stood against Madhubala’s father. In the ensuing discord, Dilip Kumar’s refusal to apologize to her father led to the end of their relationship.

Darare padh gai, rishtey toot gaye. We love and respect Bhaijan but I have just one question, ‘Aapki mohabbat yahan thi, aapki chahat yahan thi, phir aapne aisa kyun kiya?’ Bhaijan could’ve simply said let’s change the location. Or remained neutral. It was zidd (ego) which destroyed their love. 

The thread also talked about how her father wasn’t ‘difficult’ as were the rumors, but rather, a disciplinarian who ensured that all his children took their work seriously. 

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As per the information shared, Madhubala was fluent in Urdu and Pashto and learned English later in life. She loved eating street food, wore maxis at home, and went out in a burqa in public to escape mobs. 


The thread also sheds light on Madhubala’s relationship and marriage with Kishore Kumar. She was only 27 when she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease.  

Subsequently, Kishore Kumar and she didn’t stay together, though he did visit her once every two months. The thread also clarified that he didn’t abuse her, as was reported in the news stories. After a prolonged illness, Madhubala passed away at the age of 36. 

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At her death, Dilip Kumar–who, at the time was married to Saira Banu–flew down from Madras to pay his last respects. Reportedly her tomb was recently demolished.  

Many people commented on the thread: 

Truly a legend, to date, Madhubala continues to hold a special place in the hearts of her fans.