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When it comes to giving the perfect gift to the women in your life, diamonds almost always come to mind first, don’t they? But, have you ever thought why? Have you ever given it a thought that women and diamonds have so much in common? 

We all know that diamonds are actually coal, compressed under extreme pressure. Every move that’s taken by a woman is put under scrutiny, and thousands of questions are raised over the most trivial matters. And when they emerge from the ashes, their brilliance is hard to match. Just like a woman, who only shines brighter despite all the societal burdens and limitations, a coal transforms into a diamond under extreme pressure. 

And to send the same message across this International Women’s Day, PC Chandra Jewellers have come up with an awesome video, narrating the similarity between diamonds and a woman. The video chronicles a day in the life of a woman, who’s not only the homemaker but also the bread-winner for the family, besides donning many other roles. It beautifully describes how women hold the brilliance and value of diamonds within themselves, and how their unbreakable spirit is so strikingly similar. It also sends across the message that women never accept defeat, and that alone is a good reason to #CelebrateWomenEveryday. 

And this Women’s Day, you have a chance to win a diamond pendant as well! All you have to do is click a picture of yourself with the woman (or women) who inspired you, tag PC Chandra Jewellers, and post it with the hashtag #CelebrateWomenEveryday, by being #TrueToYou! Get to clicking pictures, people!   

You can watch the video here: