A video of Jayanti Patil, the Maharashtra MLC from Alibaug, yelling at Shah Rukh Khan over a yacht parking on his birthday is going viral. 

According to ANI, the incident happened when the actor, who had celebrated his birthday a day before in Alibaug with his close friends and family, was returning to Mumbai on November 2. 

b’SRK returning from Alibaug | Image Source: YouTube’

The politician lost his cool on SRK as both his boarding and anchoring schedule was allegedly delayed because of him and his fans, who had gathered at the jetty to get his glimpse. 

b’Maharashtra MLC Jayanti Patil on his yacht | Image Source: ANI/Screenshot’

He reportedly screamed at him:“You may be a superstar, but you don’t own Alibaug.”

Here’s the video: 

Speaking to Free Press Journal, Jayanti Patil said “This is not the way celebrities should act, as people were waiting for him outside he was sitting inside. While coming I saw police men were struggling to control the crowd who were waiting to see a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan, even I was not given space to go to board my yatch. But some police men spotted me and helped me out of the crowd. He might be celebrity but should behave.” 

Patil further mentioned about taking up the matter of late night parties of celebrities at their residences in Alibaug. 

“Celebrities who own houses in Alibaug come here and create nuisance, where late night parties go on, and police don’t even take action. If we put speakers after 10 pm, police come and take action, but these celebrities are spared, and loud DJ’s are played. I will take this matter very seriously and will put this matter forth before the assembly, because public safety is a measure concern during such incidents,” he told the tabloid. 

Not sure if SRK would comment on this as he maintained his silence all the while when he was being screamed at by the politician. 

(Feature Image Source: YouTube)