With Marvel’s Loki finally streaming, Tom Hiddleston has won our hearts all over again in his avatar. But did you know, that Loki actually carried Thor’s hammer once? And that he might never have ended up playing this role. 


In a leaked audition video, we got a chance to see the actor in a brand new look. 


Apparently, Tom had auditioned for the role of Thor, over 11 years ago, when the series began. During a talk with Jimmy Fallon, Tom shared that Marvel was looking for fresh talent, so anybody who was over 6 feet and had blonde hair, was asked to apply. And so Tom did, only to end up playing the god of mischief instead. A role we love watching him in!

Can you even imagine Tom as Thor? We couldn’t before we saw this. 

Tom Hiddleston wanting to play Thor is the most Loki thing ever.