Sponsored by Sunfeast Mom's Magic

If there’s one person in our lives who will move mountains for us without expecting anything in return, it’s our Mother. Whether it was the time she showed up late to work because she was preparing our tiffin or when she paid for the summer camp we were hellbent on attending, instead of getting something nice for herself – No person will ever come close to loving us as selflessly as mom does. And with Mother’s day just around the corner, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic has collaborated with Shankar, Eshaan, Loy and a group of youngsters to surprise their moms like they’ve never been surprised before.

Now, I think we can all agree that one of the most memorable songs about mothers ever is Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Haina Ma by Shankar, Eshaan and Loy themselves. And watching these youngsters and India’s legendary music composers trio, sing it for a movie hall full of moms (who didn’t see it coming at all), tugged on our heartstrings in all the right ways.

But wait, there’s more! What made this surprise, a surprise in a actual sense of the phrase was the fact that they didn’t just sing ‘Maa’, but presented it in the form of a ‘flash song’ – India’s first ever, at that. 

The theatrics truly made it an unforgettable night both for their kids and their moms. Watch the video and see for yourself: