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Ranbir and Deepika are back, but with an ad, not a film. Yeah, I know we want more of the duo onscreen, but hey, at least they have collaborated for this commercial and it could not have been better. 

Three years after Tamasha, which released in 2015, the duo were seen together in a video and fans are going gaga over it. After the ad released, fans stormed the commercial with comments like ‘Awww’ and ‘so cute’, ’cause you know together they give us major #FriendshipGoals, even in the films that they did together. And, for us fans, who cannot get enough of the Kabir-Naina hangover, it’s definitely a treat to see them together, again!
The Asian Paints video shows the duo exchanging a friendly banter, and it reminisces every bit of Kabir and Naina  from Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani.  The very sorted Naina aka Deepika, is seen giving pro-tips to Bunny aka Ranbir in the video which ends with a prank.

Thanks Asian Paints for at least bringing the duo together! 

The Asian Paints video – for Royale Health Shield, an all-new anti-bacterial paint with silver-ion technology, recommended by the IMA (Indian Medical Association), goes a long way to keep bacteria at bay. In the video, Deepika helps out Ranbir in finding the best paint while he is renovating his home. Remember that scene from YJHD, on the top of a cliff, where Naina tells Kabir, “Life mein kitna bhi bhaago kuch na kuch toh chhutega hi” – well, the video really reminded me of that scene, the same looks, the same emotions! *wipes tears of joy*

Have you seriously not watched the video yet? 

Hakuna Matata peeps, watch the video below…