In a post #MeToo world, though society is aiming to make the world a safer space for women, the scars of sexual assault are not that easily healed. Especially when the journey of change is long, slow, and full of traumatic memories.

Like the kind that actor and poet Taranjit Kaur shared, through her poem When I Was Touched, which she performed for UnErase Poetry.

Kaur began her piece by talking about how, no matter how many steps women take to ‘protect themselves’, men and their creepy stares are impossible to ignore. 

In an impassioned and emotional performance, Kaur then recounted stories of women ‘being touched’ without consent, by relatives, teachers, friends, and strangers, of all ages. 

She goes on to call out the men who attack young girls while reminding the world, how traumatic events of childhood shape our realities as adults. 

Powerful, hard-hitting, and honest, Kaur’s poetry resonates with anyone who has survived sexual assault. 

You can see the complete poem here: 

All images are screenshots from the video on YouTube.