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If you talk to any twenty-something year old today, most of them will crib about their jobs. All of us are so bogged down with work, that everything else has taken a back seat. 9-to-5 is not just a concept for us, it has become a way of life now. And we are so busy finding the perfect life underneath that daily pile of work, that we fail to realise that it’s an endless pit of boredom, dissatisfaction and yet, some more work.

Following the same premise, here is a fun short film by Cheers! called ‘Born Free’ starring Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Mohan.

It is the story of Samarth who is your typical corporate guy, caught in his demanding job, and like most of us has made his peace with it. A serendipitous inspiration comes his way on a flight to Goa in the guise of two travellers. One, a free-spirited travel blogger who loves her job and another, an elderly guy in his late forties, who is visiting Goa now, because life didn’t allow him to do what he wanted back then.

What happens next is an interesting revelation and that makes us think about this one idea, which is…

“We were all born free, so why stay bottled up?”

Now wasn’t that inspiring? If this has moved you too, then you can watch more such relatable tales on Cheers!