As you’d already know, the ’90s kids love reminiscing about the days when Indian television actually had beautiful stories. No wonder then, those stories have still managed to stay fresh in our memories! One such show was Hip Hip Hurray! and the mere mention of this one sends us, ’90s kids, down a beautiful memory lane, right?

The stories of students and teachers from DeNobili High School was relatable and how! 

The charm of the show is still intact and ever since the makers have announced a new season, we’ve been eagerly waiting to revisit those childhood memories.

Meanwhile, Purab Kohli, who played Mazhar on the show, posted this throwback picture and we can’t help but feel nostalgic.

And if you’re feeling just as nostalgic, here’s the title song of the show that we’re sure you can still sing along.

Source: Mridulsgallery