While the internet is still stuck on #ThrowbackThursday, two of my eternal crushes from childhood, Milind Soman and Rahul Khanna are setting the trend, mood and tone for #ThirstyThursday. Here's how:

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Recently, I was on a coffee break at work, scrolling through Instagram, looking at everybody's #ThrowbackThursday posts when I bumped into a jaw-dropping, flesh showing picture of Rahul Khanna, with nothing but a round mirror covering his crotch. 

OMG, I have to say, I could feel my ovaries exploding. I could literally grate cheese on his sharp torso. And can we please acknowledge the aesthetic composition of this picture? He literally camouflages with the wooden panels.

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Screw all of that, the execution of his "right place at the right time" caption literally gave me a major brain-gasm. Witty and pretty, I mean how is he so perfect? 

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Just when I was finally recovering from the lusty wound Mr. Khanna left on my lusty soul, I saw Milind Soman's throwback post of his classic, iconic, naked picture in the jungle from the '90s. 

And OH MY GOD, in that moment it felt like these two fine-looking, wise gentleman had plotted an evil plan together to bruise every desi girl's ovary while setting the internet on fire. 

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The teenager inside me is still screaming looking at his classic picture and how am I supposed to get over this 54-year-old married man when he continues to post such killer pictures? 

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Netizens sum up exactly how we feel to these back-to-back muscle showing, heart trembling pictures: 

I mean the confidence with which these men are comfortable flaunting each and every single muscle in their body is literally so much sexier than their abs.