Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and candid energy have made a plethora of his interviews indelible. However, more than any of his interviews, his presence with Gauri Khan on Rendezvous With Simi Garewal is something that remains wedged in my memory. 

On the Simi Garewal show, we witnessed the most jaw-dropping chemistry between the beloved couple Shah Rukh and Gauri. Amidst this, something more calmer and unexpected happened. SRK set the mood for a qawwali session and we can’t help but join him.

When Gauri adorably revealed that his dear husband has a terrible voice, the host Garewal prompted him to sing a song. Shah Rukh began with the classic Tujhe dekha toh ye before quickly switching to a qawwali that we weren’t expecting.

Soon after as he entered totally into that zone, he started clapping his hands the way they famously do while singing qawwali. SRK asked Garewal to join too, and well, she did.

I just have one thing to say: Ek hi toh dil hai, kitni baar jeetoge?

You can watch the adorable video here. It’ll make your day, I promise you.