Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood. He tends to experiment with his roles and is a favourite among directors. But to reach where he is now took a lot of hard work.     

Everyone knows that this guy who has won a National Award with several 100-crore budget films to his credit was once a part of MTV Roadies.   

That’s right! Ayushmann’s journey to fame started when he won Roadies Season 2 and he has never shied away from his past. 

But like any other Roadies contestant, he was grilled a lot by the show’s creator Raghu Ram and we found a video of his audition from 2004 where things got really tough for him, thanks to the brutal judge.  


In the video, a young and spectacled Khurrana says that he specializes in making friends, and says that he deserves to be in Roadies as he brings an “entertainment factor” with him and is an actor. 

Dost banana meri khoobi hi nahi mera pesha bhi hai. 

But Raghu seems super unimpressed with him and asks him to show his true self and quit showing his ‘acting skills’. 

Aapka put on charm, aapka smile, aapka baat karne ka tareeka, it’s not you. I am not interested in your acting. This is a reality show. Aap ek character play nahi kar rahe hai. 

This throwback video of Ayushmann getting grilled on Roadies makes us smile and cherish his journey. 

You can watch the full video here :