The early 2000s’ era was phenomenal in its own way. We were introduced to the biggest vampire-themed romance – Twilight. Not just that, the movie franchise got so popular, it divided us teenagers between Team Vampire and Team Werewolves.      

But what happened next was even more spectacular. Indian television producer Ekta Kapor loved the American vampire franchise so much that she actually ended up producing a desi version of it called Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. 


From the storyline to the characters, everything was pretty much the same. But hey, we still absolutely loved it. So, when a Twitter user reminded us about this desi version of Twilight after more than a decade, it took us back to our teenage years.  

Netizens too got nostalgic and remembered their good old childhood days. 

If you want to relive those desi vampire days once again, this show is available on Disney+Hotstar. You’re welcome