Remember Remix, the show that only ran for two years but lived on a timeless classic that people still think about fondly? Revolving around a bunch of students who form a music group that becomes a sensation, it captured the attention of the youth and became one of the most memorable TV shows to come out of India in the early 2000s. 

Tia, played by Shweta Gulati, just wished Ranveer (Karan Wahi), a happy birthday by sharing a carousel of throwback pictures from the show that had people getting nostalgic AF.

People naturally started reminiscing about the good old days, how times were different back then (2004-2006), and all the memories these posts brought back.

Considering the stressful age we’re currently living in, it’s nice to think about a time when our biggest worries was catching the newest episode on TV every week, and making it back from the kitchen before the ads got over!