Our celebrities put in a lot of effort to appear amazing on screen and stylish off it but sadly, they seem to fail at reading up on anything other than the dialogues they have to deliver. 

What else explains Tiger Shroff’s lack of general knowledge, where he failed to name the President of India? 

(If you fall in the same category as him, our President is Mr. Ram Nath Kovind)


In a recent interview with ABP News, to promote his latest movie Baaghi 2, Tiger Shroff was unable to answer the name of our current President and gave an incorrect response instead. 

Oh God! That’s a tough one, umm…Mr Mukherjee.

The interviewer then posed the question to Disha Patani, Tiger’s co-star in Baaghi 2, who was able to correctly answer the question. 


Twitter obviously had a lot to say about Tiger’s ‘Alia Bhatt’ moment: 

You can watch the interview here:

Tiger your abs and dance moves are great, but brush up on the general knowledge, maybe?