It’s not surprising to come across Tiger Shroff practising his martial arts moves or some killer dance routine on the Internet. I mean, it’s usual to spot such videos and photographs of his on Instagram as that’s what makes up my daily dose of good entertainment! Honestly speaking, I don’t think anyone can even come close to the sheer perfection that he is (says the fangirl in me, of course!)

But recently, I’ve noticed something a little odd about the man and his activities. Not just me, but a host of other Instagrammers and celebs too. Yup, Tiger has been seen spending quite some time on his phone and we wonder what’s got him so hooked.

Look at him using the phone even when he’s doing pull-ups! What could he be possibly looking at?

Back to fitness basics but hooked to my new device. That’s how I’m #AlwaysOn.

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You can see him kickboxing here like a pro but his eyes are still glued to the screen. I mean, what’s going on?

When staying fit is the priority, but getting fixated is LIFE! I’m #AlwaysOn.

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That’s not it. Even other celebs are thoroughly confused about this. 

Here’s Benafsha Soonawalla wondering out loud while our handsome star gazes dreamily into his screen.

And again, there’s photographer Praveen Bhat being all candid while Tiger is conveniently being ignorant and lost. Aakhir raaz kya hai iska, hero?

Come to think of it, Tiger Shroff does not seem to be the kind of person who would get so hooked to anything unless it’s extraordinary and this intrigue is making me even more curious. Is it some cool video that he’s watching on loop? Is it a crush? Probably some app that he’s come across? Is it the camera of his phone? Or the phone itself? Clearly, the questions are endless!

Point being, whatever it is, please reveal it soon, Tiger! ‘Cause this curiosity is sure gonna kill us all.

Until then, let’s cross our fingers and wait for the big reveal!