After choosing to ignore my peace of mind and logic, my Bollywood fanatic friends finally convinced me to go watch SOTY 2 last night. I sat in my seat, munching on popcorn, ready to experience the same thing that I had to sit through back in 2012. (Read: Don't repeat previous mistakes)

I wasn't really expecting any 'surprise' element in this film but there was one thing that I noticed during the credits that definitely surprised me. Tiger Shroff's real name is Jai Hemant Shroff!

Source: DNA India

I mean, I know that celebrities have stage names but this one just didn't seem to fit the persona at all. I decided to Google it and guess what? The editor didn't fuck up and put the wrong name. His name is actually that.

Let's just say that after that, I went in too deep and realised that most celebrities don't go by their real name, even if it's just a slight tweak here and there.

But like Shakespeare said,

What's in a name?
Source: Bollywood

I'll tell you what's in a name -- dhokha