Wedding events and parties are about enjoying with your near and dear ones while celebrating a new avenue in someone’s life. 

For the Sikhs though, expressing themselves comes first. The energy, the excitement and their vibrant smiles make it more interesting than just an ordinary gathering. 

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The same unfolded at a wedding event in Ludhiana, when a few Sikh men took the internet by storm with their killer ‘bhangra’ moves. 

Harjinder Singh Kukreja’s TikTok video went viral and people can’t stop ravishing about the style and charisma of the men performing the dance moves. 

Their coordinated moves worked well with the present audience as they cheered on during the entire performance. 

Even the internet was pretty impressed as their video garnered over 71,000 likes and was retweeted 9,100 times. 

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See the response these men are getting on Twitter.

If you gotta dance, dance like a sardar, it’s really asardar! 😉