We’ve got a whole lot of free time now that there’s literally nothing else to do, so our consumption of cinema has really shot up. As the options dwindle, the pall of existential dread looms ever closer – luckily, this list has a bunch of time-pass movies so you can delay the thought of our daunting future by a few more hours.

1. Tag

A group of 5 lifelong friends have a tradition of playing a super-intense version of tag every year. Now in their 40s, they decide to play one last game, and things get wild. This comedy might lose its way, but it’s good for a few laughs and its novel concept.


2. Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star in this film that’s exactly what the title suggests, except with a comedic twist as well. Sandler is back on form and Aniston is charming as ever – watch if you just want to take a breather after a long day, ‘cos this film is peak time-pass.


3. Game Night  

 Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams star as a couple with hilarious chemistry in this cleverly directed dark comedy. Along with their friends, they embark on a game night involving Bateman’s brother that goes off the rails before it even begins. 


4. Why him? 

The tale of a father (Bryan Cranston) who’s disappointed that his daughter is marrying a man he despises (James Franco). The premise has been worked to death, but with a star cast and some real laughs (many from Keegan-Michael Key), this is a film you can watch any time.


5. Zombieland: Double Tap

Woody Harrelson is always a joy to watch, and these kind of gun-slinging, Elvis-impersonating roles were made for him. Together with the gang from the first film, they set out on a new adventure, sawing off zombies and learning to love each other in the process. Aww!


6. Horrible Bosses (Netflix) 

The one’s a classic – the main cast, comprising the likes of Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jennifer Aniston, fire off stellar performances. And if you want, watch it only for that one scene where Jamie Foxx displays his negotiation skills – hilarious.

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 7. We’re The Millers 

Jason Sudeikis is an underappreciated comedic performer. With this film, you get to see the whole gamut of his proficiency in the field, especially when you include Jennifer Aniston to the cast. The story follows a fake family transporting a massive amount of drugs across the American border, but things don’t exactly go as planned.


8. The Dictator (Netflix) 

Sacha Baron Cohen steps into the shoes of a ruthless authoritarian in this offering, one out of many characters that he’s become notorious for, after Borat and Ali G. If I had to describe this movie in a few terms, they would be- highly vulgar, a lot of butt cracks, and a happy ending (you decide which kind).


9. Death at a funeral (Netflix, it’s got tyrion) 

A black comedy with an ensemble cast full of quirky characters, this film revolves around the funeral of a father with a sketchy past. As things go along, secrets start to spill out, and the extended family learn all kinds of strange things about each other.

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10. Meet the fockers

Inane? Yes. Entertaining? Absolutely. This film stars Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro star in this sequel about meeting your significant others’ parents, and just what kind of fuckery you can expect.


11. Let’s Be Cops

Please don’t go by the ratings, this is one of the funniest films you’ll ever watch. 2 best friends pretend to be cops, end up in some actual criminal network, and tickle a who;e bunch of ribs while they’re at it. Plus, it’s got improv master Keegan Michael Key.

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12. The Babysitter

A surprisingly well-made comedy horror film with a teen undertone that makes the whole thing rather enjoyable. The plot revolves around a young kid who finds out that his attractive baby-sitter is in a cult with a bunch of her friends, and they love blood.

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13. Little Evil

Yeah, there’s another horror-comedy on here – it’s my list and I can do what I want! Anyway, this film is about a newly married man who’s trying to get along with his young stepson. Unfortunately, the kid has some pretty obvious satanic qualities. This movie is equal parts funny and fucked up. 


14. Handsome

Another Netflix gem that just doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves, Handsome is a hysterical murder mystery movie. The writing is understated brilliance, and it’s brought to life by the wry wit of Jeff Garlin and the blistering baudiness of Natasha Lyonne. 

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15. The Equalizer

Not every film is deep and profound, nor should they be. This action-thriller starring Denzel Washington as a man who gets justice for the wronged through all kinds of violent means. Sometimes, you just wanna watch the bad guy get knocked the fuck out.


Take your mind off things. Relax, and watch these movies instead!