Veering away from the typical gossipy vibe of Koffee With Karan, the fifth episode featuring Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan was side-splitting in its own way. 

The Laal Singh Chadda cast has once again proved that experience can only turn up the sass meter and cause an explosion of snarky comments. 

Moving on, we discovered that Aamir Khan, who is seldom visible being so candid on screen, exudes a major desi dad energy. To make my claim stronger, here’s a standard dad’s thumbs up.

1. When KJO made a snide comment on Aamir’s not-so-glamourous look and he vented just like a tired dad does post work.

2. When Aamir expressed his exasperation with loud music and also offered some solutions to make it easier for people to ‘talk’ at parties.

3. When Aamir took the plunge to throw shade at K3G in front of its maker. But, he said he loved Poo, just like you offer candies to cheer kids up.

4. When Kareena asked him what was her first impression on him. He starts recalling memories like.. you know who. 

5. When Aamir talks about his one comfortable pants that are sans fashion or shape but he loves them ‘cos comfort. 

6. When KJO switches to piping hot questions, his response had to be another question. 

You look at thirsty photos when you are thirsty. What else is that supposed to mean, Aamir? 

7. When Aamir proved that neither social media nor its lingo interests him. That instant enquiry. Damn. If this ain’t my dad speaking..

8. Moving on to a no-joke question, when asked about the relevance of marriage, he correctly offered some wisdom. 

9. When Aamir literally told the way to his bed. Yep, the direction.

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