The certified gossip-monger of Bollywood Karan Johar turned the mahol kaafi parivarik in the Raksha Bandhan episode of Koffee With Karan S7 by inviting Arjun Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor to the coffee couch.

The coolest cousin duo of the town was so candid in the show that it radiated their pure sibling energy, striking a chord with all the viewers. From exposing each other’s sappy secrets to offering savage burns, these moments made us feel like they are just another desi sibling duo. 

1. When Sonam blatantly exposed his bro. Honestly, are secrets ever safe with your siblings?

2. When Arjun gave an adorable kiss to Sonam after she talked about unconditionally supporting her brother. Such an aww moment. 

3. When Sonam was quick to let Karan know that she wasn’t one of the first people to know about Arjun and Malaika. Arjun, know that you’ll be taunted over this for life. 

4. When Arjun, who knows his sister in and out, told that if she postpones a photo session, it means she isn’t perfectly fine. Well, who can disagree?

5. When Arjun playfully reminded Sonam of their goofy childhood and her bratty behaviour. 

6. When, in a poignant moment, Arjun expressed how Sonam was there by her side although she got to know about his relationship chapter way after others did.

7. When Sonam had no clue about Arjun making Malaika meet their grandmom in her own house. ‘Cos e did it when she wasn’t at home. Sonam literally went “WHERE WAS I?” in her head. 

8. When Arjun and Sonam proved that their grandmom pampered one sibling more than the other. 

9. When Sonam unwittingly destroyed his brother’s film right in front of him without having any idea about it. 

10. “I want my kiss back,” said Arjun moments after his mean sister was sweet to him for a while. 

11. When Arjun had a slew of mean things to talk about Sonam, the moment he was asked about it. 

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