When it comes to which celeb couples the janta looks up to, I think it is more than safe to say that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have never left us dissapointed. 


The two have a long history of epic IG and Twitter posts where they’ve trolled each other and made us all wish for a partnership like theirs! So, here are our favourite Blake and Ryan moments.

1. The couple went on a date to their favourite restaurant recently, and Ryan Reynolds posted a series of hilarious Insta stories apologising for cutting his wife’s earrings out of their selfie. 

Twitter/ parisandior

2. The time Blake Lively posted a photo of Ryan Reynolds colouring her hair, along with a savage caption of course. 

3. Nobody posts rom-com level selfies like these two!

4. And, let’s not forget how Ryan Reynolds celebrated Blake Lively being a great mom to their kids. 

5. Clearly both of them have mastered the delicate art of trolling each other while also including their kids in the fun. 


6. When Blake Lively couldn’t hold her excitement back and did her very best to prep her husband for his newest role. 

7. When the two had voted, Ryan thanked Blake for making his ‘first time’ gentle and loving. 

8. Then, that one time he baked a cake for Blake Lively, but had questionable methods and ingredients in place. 

9. It just keeps getting funnier doesn’t it? Guess this is how you should respond when you find your partner’s doppelgänger. 


10. How can we ever forget this whole caption war the two had going? They kept cutting each other out of photos and captioning them with one savage response after another. 


11. When Ryan Reynolds posted this on Valentine’s Day, and Blake wittily hinted at what Ryan was really hoping to do. 


12. No filter indeed! 

Hoping and wishing we all find our Ryans and Blakes.