Body shaming is never okay. Whether that is when someone calls another person ‘too thin,’ or whether it’s when they’re ‘too fat.’ 


The truth is that everyone deserves to feel safe in their body and surroundings, and no one has the right to make anyone feel ashamed of their size or appearance. So, here’s to the celebs who have clapped right back at the trolls and haters who have body shamed them. 

1. When Vidya Balan shut a reporter down when he tried to ask her whether she’ll be choosing to lose weight or continue doing women-centric films.

As if these two can’t ever converge in any way. 

What’s the relationship between women-centric and weight loss?…..No, I’m very happy with the kinds of roles I am doing. It would be great if you could change your mindset.

2. Shruti Haasan was also called to respond to hate comments where people said she looked too thin, and even went as far as to say she looked as if she has HIV. 

I’m not one driven by other people’s opinions of me but the constant commenting and ‘She’s too fat now, she’s too thin,’ is so avoidable. 

3. When Fardeen Khan wrote this post after being terribly trolled for gaining weight. And to be honest, good on him! 

No one has to sit down and just accept hate being thrown at them. 


4. And I guess we all remember when Sonakshi Sinha posted this clap back video in collaboration with Myntra on her IG! 

Yes, yes we know it’s a collab video, but she really spoke her mind here. 

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. For years I’ve been trolled because of my weight. I’ve never felt the need to react because I always believed I was “Bigger Than Them” … Pun intended

5. It seems as though the internet has become some sort of an open punching bag, where people can release pent up frustration by posting hate comments on others’ photos. Just like how some people chose to post on Zareen Khan’s photo and comment on her stomach and whatnot. 

Bollywood Bubble
Bollywood Bubble

Here’s the photo she received the hate comments on. 

6. Actor Neha Dhupia also opened up about the time that she was body-shamed post giving birth. She spoke about the time a journalist commented on her weight right after delivering a baby, and how irrelevant it is to even do that. 

Firstly, I believe that you cannot wait for work to come to you. We all have our platforms today and we all have shops. Secondly, when you become a mum, yes, there is a perception. The last thing I did before pregnancy was Tumhari Sulu, for which I won an award. But despite that, I did not get any offers as far as movies are concerned, post-pregnancy. I did not get any offers after I gave birth either. Now, I am in talks for a web show, so let’s see about that.

-Neha Dhupia told Pinkvilla

7. We’ve all seen Arjun Kapoor’s transformation, in terms of how much weight he lost before he entered the film industry. 

But in an interview, he revealed that he faced a fair amount of body-shaming even after losing so much weight. 

See somebody has an issue with how broad structured I am, I can’t cut my arm off na? And if somebody today does not know what I am dealing with in my life, with the health issue or all that’s is going on in my personal space, where it might have reflected a bit in my life. I might have not looked the way they expect me to look, as long as it is not hindering the way I connect with the screen, I cannot take it seriously beyond a point.

-Arjun Kapoor told Koimoi

We’re so glad these celebs have spoken up about body-shaming because it has paved the way for so many of us.