There’s no doubt that controversies follow celebrities like shadows. There were a number of times when celebrities got into massive fights in front of other people. Today, we have listed down some such instances.

1. When Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan allegedly got into a physical fight. 

This was probably the biggest fight ever between two celebrities. Although no one really knows the entire story, it was reported that Salman Khan made some sarcastic remarks towards King Khan for refusing to do a cameo appearance in Salman Khan’s movie Main Aur Mrs Khanna. Apparently, the snide remarks didn’t sit well with SRK and he gave it back by talking about Salman Khan’s flop phrase back then. The reports suggest that they got into a physical fight as well during Katrina Kaif’s birthday party.  

2. When Govinda apparently slapped Neeraj Vora on the set of their movie. 

Known for his brilliant comic-timing, Govinda has a huge fan base. However, he reportedly got into a big fight with Neeraj Vora on the set of their movie. The incident took place when the actor Aryan Vaid was required to slap Govinda for a shot but he mistimed his slap and hit the veteran actor too hard. Govinda got really upset and pushed Vaid to the ground. Then, he directly went to Vora and slapped him hard, making his glasses fly away.  

3. When Shah Rukh Khan allegedly slapped Shirish Kunder. 

According to reports, Shirish Kunder kept hovering around Shah Rukh Khan during Sanjay Dutt’s birthday party in a famous club. He apparently even stalked him on the dance floor, but SRK kept ignoring him. However, the actor lost his cool and apparently slapped the director when he was about to leave. 

4. When Esha Deol apparently slapped Amrita Rao on the set of their movie. 

This incident took place during the shooting of their movie Pyare Mohan. As per a report, Amrita Rao abused Esha Deol in front of their director and cameraman after the pack-up. Without thinking twice, Deol slapped Rao in the heat of the moment. In an interview, Esha Deol even confessed that she has no regrets. 

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5. When Salman Khan allegedly slapped Subhash Ghai. 

According to a report, Subhash Ghai said something about Salman Khan’s then-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai under the influence of alcohol. Khan lost his temper and slapped Ghai in front of everyone. When Salim Khan heard about the incident the next morning, he not only called Ghai, but also sent Salman Khan to his place to apologize.  

6. When Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut allegedly got into a physical fight during the promotions of their movie. 

During the promotion of their movie The Xpose on The Kapil Sharma Show, the duo reportedly had a heated argument. When Raut confronted Afroz in the vanity van, Zoya Afroz slapped Sonali Raut. The situation got so bad that their co-star Himesh Reshammiya had to intervene in between. 

7. When Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe reportedly got into a massive physical fight. 

The incident took place during the shooting of their movie The Outsiders. During their rehearsals, Rob Lowe hit Tom Cruise a little too hard and the latter responded with a real punch. In an interview, Rob Lowe even said that Tom Cruise was ready to kill him. 

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8. When Harbhajan Singh apparently slapped Sreesanth during an Indian Premier League (IPL) match.

Harbhajan Singh, who was the captain of the Mumbai Indians team, reportedly got pissed with Sreesanth’s aggressive sending-off of his team’s batsmen. Sreesanth, who was a part of the Kings XI Punjab team, won the match with his bowling. When he came out of the field after winning the match, Singh slapped him. Harbhajan Singh was given an 11-game ban for his actions.

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