Indian stand up, or as both conservatives and liberals alike in this country call it, ‘a cesspool of idiotic men dumping their urban upper-middle class-rich problems on other urban upper-middle class-rich people and expecting us to laugh at them’ is a flaky line of business. 

Today, you might be woke and asking people, mere ghar ke bahar ka goo kab hatega?, but yesterday, you were the one who was found squatting outside your own house! Case in point: 

1. Ah, Rohan Joshi of AIB using rape as an adjective to describe something that isn’t remotely related to it. 

The Daily Switch

2. You can’t write a list like this without finding something Tanmay Bhat thought was offensive, so it must be funny. 


Before we move on from AIB, here are a few of the tweets from the two gentlemen mentioned above. 


3. Just Vir Das talking about Mamata Banerjee & “fire in her panties”

4. Abhishek Upmanyu’s ‘hilarious’ take on racism in India just seemed like an excuse to get cheap laughs by using racial slurs!

5. And of course, Atul Khatri, the chic South Bombay version of Sunil Pal is always there to provide inappropriate jokes that your mausa and fufa ji will end up cracking at a family function!

From Afghanistan jokes to sexist comments to casteist drivel, he regularly passes off as jokes, Khatri is your average WhatsApp uncle, albeit with a Netflix special. 


There’s more. 


And what was up with Indian standup and taking shots at Mayawati, primarily at how she looked? There’s 50-point listicle material on this!

6. Varun Grover before he woke up to write Masaan, indulged in a bit of casteism himself. 


He has since become more aware of casteism in the country and has apologised for statements like these. 

7. Neville Shah making casteist jokes about people from SC/ST and other marginalised communities who got into medical school via reservation. 

8. Back in the day, when Abish Mathew tried to be funny through casteism and misogyny. That has of course changed. 

He couldn’t care less about being funny anymore. 

The Quint

9. Subham Gaur, of course, brother to Saloni Gaur, famous for caricaturing Muslim women, used to follow in the footsteps of literally every Indian edgelord comic before him. 


Gaur has since apologised for his remarks. 

10. If you haven’t figured this out yet, there is going to be a lot of Vir Das in here. 

Adding transphobia to the list of other criminally sad statements that have been passed off as jokes. 


In one of his Ten on Ten episodes, Das had said:  

I am not because Transpeople have the courage to discard an organ if it isn’t working properly. For them… or a man who used to be a woman and the kid is like… it just means that your kids will have a longer chapter in school when they learn pronouns

Following this, he was seriously called out on Twitter. 

After the backlash, Das had rendered an apology for the same. 

Oh, and NOTE: We at ScoopWhoop were guilty of covering this at the time and got called out. And we apologised as well. I mean, it’s what happens when you skip the sensitivity training…



11. Karan Talwar, Bollywood Gandu of Twitter, thought comparing anything to women’s bodies was so funny!

India Today

12. Saving the best for the last, the only human who still watches Dhruv Rathee explainer videos, Kunal Kamra has had a long history of deleting tweets. 


Wait, is this also homophobic or is it just a Muslim joke? 

Sexism, swaad anusaar!


To quote Kunal Kamra, ‘Kahan milega itna content?’. Bro, bas patience aur ek dhang ka mouse hona chahiye, baaki anyone can scroll for hours on Twitter.