Rich and entitled people are literally the worst. They live in their own bloody fairytales and think they own us, peasants. Well, they don’t. See, you can’t just ask people to eat cake. They’ll eat you. 

1. A case was registered against her for manhandling a public servant. 

Times of India

2. Ranveer Allahabadia was soon cut down to size by Twitter. Although, he continues to talk extremely dumb stuff and far too often. 

Ed Times

3. Pradhuman Singh Tomar’s son Ripudaman had been involved in a heated argument with a cop who had questioned him for not wearing a mask while roaming around town. 

Times Of India

4. The arrests came a day after audio clips of a heated exchange between Prakash Kanani, son of Minister of State for Health Kumar Kanani, and his friends, and woman constable Sunita Yadav, who tried to stop them, surfaced on social media.

The Hindu

5. What kinda jackass eggs other people’s houses? It wasn’t even gangster, Justin, if that’s what you were going for. 

LA Times

6. It wasn’t even that long a line, man. Thankfully, the actor did as he was instructed. Still ratioed though. 

7. Saif, and his two friends, had been charged with ‘voluntarily causing grievous hurt, and common intent’.

The Hindu

8. In case, you were wondering, she got badly called out on Twitter. We just can’t post QTs here because she’s changed the privacy settings, we think!

9. Lucknow Police filed an FIR against the woman after the video went viral, sparking outrage on social media, with users demanding her arrest.

India Today

10. If you are on TV every night reading the news, you should probably also read a book sometimes, is what Twitter told her. The tweet is still being ratioed, you could go and check it out. 


Sometimes, you just need to back off and check your privilege before doing anything. Because while you’ll mostly get away because of your privilege, every now and then, someone will hold you accountable. Also, it isn’t that hard to not be a prick.