With her down to earth gestures, Sara Ali Khan is the millennial breath of fresh air and change that Bollywood needs. 

Sassy, witty, opinionated and humble. Sara Ali Khan who by the way has the Royal Pataudi blood running through her veins is the most down to earth celeb kid the internet has ever seen. 

Twisted Beads

The entire internet can agree that Sara Ali Khan is the most unconventional and relatable star kid, with these warm gestures: 


Like a true millienal, Sara doesn’t shy away from admitting that she is weird, in fact she clarifies and says that everyone is weird. 

Just like almost every other Indian kid, she completed her graduation before pursuing her actual dreams. 

The story of every Indian kid ever. Don’t believe us, ask an engineer. She completed her graduation from Columbia which is an Ivy League college. With a degree in History and Political Science, she decdied to kickstart her acting carrer. 

My education was never a means to my carrer. It was something that allowed me to be who I am today. So it was way more personal than professional. 

In an industry where people are hesitant to speak up about their weight loss transformation, this boss lady disclosed that she has PCOD on national television.

Considering the conservative beauty standards that are followed in Bollywood, I think it is safe to say that she had a lot on the line when she confessed to her Polycystic Ovarian Disorder. 

On the sets of Kedarnath, she was captured slurping Maggi in the hills. Now that’s relatable. 

Admit it we all look at Maggi the way she’s looking at it. Also, side note: how many celebrities have you actually seen enjoying a plate of hot Maggi as much as she is? 


Just like the rest of us she loves her furry brother a little more than her real one. 

Literally the story of every pet lover’s life. 

She doesn’t let her long list of followers affect her goofy Instagram posts. Infact, with her goofy posts she proves that they’re every human’s birthright. 

She’s always friendly with the papz, even when she’s chilling in her pajamas. 

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Just like most of us, she likes to publically embarrass her sibling on social media. 

Sara Ali Khan breaks the stereotype associated with children who have divorced parents or come from a ‘broken home’ and proves that they can turn out just as fine. 

Sarah Ali Khan makes us feel normal about taking gym selfies. 

Fickle is fun, right? Come on, ladies we have all been there, done that. 

She recently made her runway debut in Falguni Shane and Peacock’s show. The stellar show stopper was more than grateful for this opportunity and didn’t refrain from flaunting ger gratitude. 

Just because you’re competitors doesn’t mean you can’t be friends, right? 


Just like all of us, she needed a cupid too because we all know how crappy dating apps are.

Only if Ranveer Singh was our cupid. 

The glory of her success has helped her family to reconnect with each other. She has grown personally and professionally with her victroies. 

Raise your hands if your mother and grandmother get along together without getting on each other’s nerves. In an interview, Sarah Ali Khan had mentioned: 

As a character, you can bring audiences together and as an individual you can bring your family together for 30 seconds also, that’s something. 

Sarah Ali Khan redefines airport looks by being self- sufficient and pushing her own luggage  trolly.  

Her little act of freedom has taken the internet by surpise.  

Just a gentle reminder, folk, she is actually a royal.