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It’s hard to believe that celebrities and actors can live a life as normal and fun-loving like the rest of us. Given their exhausting schedules and insane-as-hell “industry” expectations, I always thought all that they do off-screen is work-out, go on diets and try designer outfits. The fact that they actually take out the time to have those lighter moments and really do things that makes them happy, is quite a surprise. And one such actor, who proves she’s as much of a happy-go-lucky girl like all of us is Anushka Sharma. Don’t believe me? Check these photographs I saw on her own Instagram account. (So real that the fangirl in me keeps going back to it!)

1. Just your average girl, gazing at the sunset.

After all, who doesn’t want a little serenity?

2. She slays dandruff like a boss too. *sigh*

And she’s made sure it’s gone. Gone foreva.

3. Her love for animals just resonates mine.

‘Cause cuddles keep us going through the day.

Say hello 🐰

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4. Just chilling with friends & sharing the love.

Selfie toh banti hai!

5. The foodie in her can’t resist that Sunday brunch.

I mean, the smile on her face says it all.

6. Family get-togethers are always fun for all!

Being the adorable daughter that she is.

7. Setting some major couple goals straight.

This is what love looks like to me. *double fangirling*


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8. She loves them coffee breaks too!

‘Cause coffee gets everyone going.

If only I could manage life half as good as her! KByeThen, gotta binge watch her films. (sings “I’m so starstruck!”)