Being a woman is a matter of pride, it’s an honour. What it’s not, is easy. With so many forces against us, many simple things in life become challenging for us. And so, we fight, we take a stand. Here are instances of women characters from TV shows doing exactly that. Enjoy!

1. When Fleabag punches Martin for making an offensive statement about her sister’s miscarriage. 

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2. When Little Finger says, “Knowledge is power”. And Cersei shows him that only “power is power.”

3. When Rachel Green singlehandedly puts all entitled men in their place.

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4. When Beena kills her abusive father-in-law in Mirzapur. 

5. When Priyanka Mishra leaves her shaadi ka mandap because the guy demands dowry from her parents in Made in Heaven.

6. When Aarya extracts revenge for her husband’s murder in the gripping finale of the show.

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7. When Arya Stark kills the Walder Frey and his family to avenge the ‘Red Wedding’.


8. When all the girls in the school claim that a nude picture is theirs as an act of solidarity towards a girl whose private photo was leaked in Sex Education.

9. When Alexis Rose in Schitt’s Creek makes the brave decision to put her career before everything else as her boyfriend shifts to Galapagos. 

10. When Prince Philip in The Crown questions Margaret Thatcher’s credentials and the Queen responds with, “She qualified as a barrister while raising twin children. You try doing that”.


11. When Devi in Never Have I Ever gives it back to a guy who shames her for having facial hair.

12. When the girls in Sex Education group together to support Aimee, a sexual assault survivor.

These moments give me life.