Back in September 2014, TOI Entertainment thought it was absolutely appropriate to make news out of Deepika Padukone’s cleavage. When the actress rightly lashed back with a good amount of vitriol, they came up with the classic explanation for objectification saying ‘it was a compliment’. Yay for misogynistic journalism.

Times Of India has done it again. In an honest interview with the Bombay Times, Deepika Padukone opened up about her relationship with Ranveer Singh, talking about how comfortable she is in her own skin around him.


In the interview, Deepika talks about how Ranveer Singh is her best friend and she feels absolutely comfortable being her sensitive, emotional and vulnerable self with him. “I can be so naked in front of Ranveer…and I know he will never hurt me or take me for granted”, she said. She said with him, she could bare her soul and still be at ease.

But of course, trust TOI to tweak things around and sensationalize news to the extent that it boils down to sexual objectification. This is the headline they went with:

Whatever happened to responsible journalism?