Once upon a time, in the wondrous world of Indian Cinema, there lived two lovers. Their names and appearances would change with every movie, but their love remained constant. Their romance would be expressed on screen with shy touches, strolls in lush meadows and dreamy songs. And somewhere down the line, the two would come close and the sexual tension would rise with every eye contact that they made. 

The audience would sit with their breaths held, waiting for the moment. And then it would happen; the purest ‘act of love’. Two flowers would gently brush against each other and fade out. 

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A few years down the line, the filmmakers realised that the audience has grown up and the flower act isn’t so titillating anymore. And with the influx of Hashmis and Sherawats of the world, onscreen kissing became a norm in Bollywood, as much as Censor Board taking offense on everything. 

And today, we’ve come to a point when the censor board is trying to define the ideal length of a kiss for us; the exact moment when the lips should come apart. Because, obviously, a shorter kiss implies love, while a bigger one corrupts minds! This got us digging for the process of shooting an onscreen kiss, and guess what, we just hit gold!

Kollywood just took onscreen kissing to a whole new level, marinated it with sanskaar and yet, got the job done just fine!

Here are the two actors enjoying a perfect kiss.


And here’s what they actually kissed:

1. A sheet of glass


2. A green mound of rubber


Amazing, isn’t it? Look at how passionately Kajal Aggarwal is staring into the green rubber mound. 

And we even have the director telling her to bring in more passion into the kiss that’d go on to become the most epic intimate shot ever.

If you are still not convinced about the mechanics that go behind this, then here’s the full video. 


The censor board can finally rest in peace now, but looks like the technology has left this dude a little scandalized. 


Peace out, bro!