The conversations around AI and technology have become closer to life than ever before. All those Black Mirror episodes feel like a distant reality. With ChatGPT in the picture, people have actually started wondering if the technology could take away human jobs. And we all know we’re proceeding towards a future heavily influenced by AI.

AI technology robot

Machines first began replacing humans in factories, slowly taking over domestic households. Then the Internet paved the way for a digitised reality. Now students can actually delegate their homework to ChatGPT, so much so that schools & universities have banned the technology to ensure real learning takes place.

Not to say such development hasn’t been a boon. It was all necessary and inevitable, but it’s nonetheless scary. And fun fact, your favourite childhood cartoon show actually predicted this. Remember Tom? Yes, the cat from Tom & Jerry. A robo-cat called Mechano once replaced Tom’s job.

Have a look at this viral video shared by Supriya Sahu IAS (@supriyasahuias) on Twitter.

Although Tom was re-hired, we can’t be too sure about us. Take a look at how people have been reacting to the clip.

Are you scared of the future now?

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