I remember watching The Mummy back in 1990 and getting fascinated by the expanse of the film. If not anything else, the film sure got me interested in taking a trip to Egypt, just so I could encounter even 1% of the adventure that Rick and Evie undertook. And just like that, Mummies became a topic of fantasy for every child my age.


But now we’ll have something new to rekindle our Mummy fascination. 

A reboot of The Mummy franchise will be hitting the theaters in June 2017. And this time, it comes with a generous sprinkle of horror!

While all this is good enough to get us excited, there’s yet another thing that has added on to the film’s grandeur. Tom Cruise stars in this film, along with Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe and many others. 

Set in the modern day and age, an ancient princess awakens from her tomb and only Cruise can stop her from unleashing the terror. 

We’re sincerely hoping the film is good and doesn’t ruin our childhood memories!

Here’s the teaser and it looks promising:

Here’s waiting for the full trailer!