If it was possible for me to get a boner, Tom Hardy is the first one on my list of hot men who would give me one. But I am glad that I can’t get a boner because Hardy is into women and I’d very much like to be one of them. I am not saying that I might bump into him in a coffee shop someday but there is this wild possibility that I just might. And on that surreal day, my non-existent boner wouldn’t come between us. Well, a girl can hope, right?


I had never really noticed Tom Hardy much until I saw him as Bane in The Dark Knight. Even though I couldn’t see much of his face, I asked myself,” Who is that fine and mysterious specimen of a man? And why haven’t I drooled over him before?” His voice followed me everywhere. And that was the moment I started to stalk Hardy. 

In the movies, of course. 


Tom Hardy is the first ever man who made me appreciate a good beard. 

I wasn’t into beards before. I didn’t realize what the whole fuss was about. Moreover, they interfere in the ‘obvious thing’ you want to do with a face like Hardy’s. But his beard is what perfection looks like.


I watched the f*** out of him in Mad Max: Fury Road and couldn’t help but think: This is what it means to be a real badass. Sullen, sarcastic, broody, and rugged. He is the type who would definitely thrive in a zombie apocalypse and you’d definitely want him by your side then.


The more I watched him in this movie, the more I came to believe that he is the result of the perfect combination of X and Y chromosomes.


And he’s not just good at playing a badass, he can turn up his charm anytime he wants to.


I often play out different scenarios in my head. Suppose if he were a hardened criminal and kidnapped me, I would be all for it. He’d be the only one I’d have had Stockholm Syndrome for. I mean, let’s get real, being holed up with him in a secret location? How is that not the perfect extended date?


Moreover, he KNOWS how to wear suits. It doesn’t seem like his suits are stitched but they feel more like his second skin. 


Tom Hardy in suits makes me nostalgic about the early 1900s when men only used to wear suits. 


He doesn’t just look handsome in his suits. He doesn’t just look hot, he smolders. 


The only exception to him being downright sexy in his suits is when he’s not wearing anything. Obviously.

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 You know what adds more to Hardy’s charm? Him cuddling with puppies and dogs.


Here. You can have some more. 


One never gets tired of Tom Hardy playing with dogs. 


Tell me, how do you see this and go on with your life like nothing’s changed?


There was this one time when Hardy brought his dog to a movie premiere. Now that’s some canine-human relationship.


Last year, his pet Woody passed away at age six and Tom posted a heartfelt tribute to his four-legged companion, who he had rescued when he had been filming for his 2012 movie Lawless:

‘Thank you Woody for choosing to find us. We will love you and be with you and you with us forever. Never ever ever forgotten. Your Boy tom xxx I love you beyond words. To the moon and back again and again to Infinity and beyond. Run with Max now and the Angels. I will see you when I get there. With all of me I love you. Always Thankyou for Your love beautiful boy.’

The more I see of Hardy over the internet, the more I get to know that he’s such a great human being apart from a great actor.


 In an interview when he asked by a reporter if he ever wondered why there were so many women in the Mad Max script, Hardy barely responded to the condescending and sexist question. He says,

Do you think there should be better parts for women than just girlfriend and wife or lover? Because I’m bored with that.

Tom Hardy is one hell of a beautiful man, inside and out. In an interview with Elle in 2012. his wife, actress Charlotte Riley said,

I have to stop him from standing up for a woman’s honour all the bloody time. 

He has been a constant supporter for female-oriented movies and is found discussing the lack of strong roles for women in Hollywood, which I think is pretty rad. 


When I get thinking about Hardy, I am left baffled how it is even possible to squeeze so many good things in one person and who or what should I be thanking for achieving the feat whose name is Tom Hardy.

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