Spider-Man: No Way Home, the latest addition in the Marvel franchise, has been earning rave reviews. Just weeks into its release, the film became the highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes. Since people are regarding it as the best Spider-Man movie of all time, the thrill isn’t going to die down soon. 


Amid all the buzz, desis have dug out a blast from the past. Back in 2017, Tom Holland, the longest-running Spider-Man, attended Comic Con India. And he watched the ill-famed ‘Spider-Man song’. 

Yes! The “churaya dil ka chain ” one. Do you already feel the tingle of cringe?

Sahil Shah, the stand-up comedian interviewing Holland, made sure to introduce as many Indian references of Spider-Man as he could find. While discussing Spider-Man Homecoming, Shah presented the Indian version of the Spider-Man comic to the actor. Well, that was pretty cool. 


But then he went on to ask Tom Holland, an English actor, if he would ever play the Indian Spider-Man. 

“But I think we should get an Indian actor to play Indian Spider-Man for sure… I am going to get that (Indian) comic,” the actor replies. 


Later on, he watches the viral dance sequence of the ‘Spider-Man song’. We don’t know as to why you were shown this, Tom. We are as clueless as you.


Of course, next thing you know, Holland is asked to sing the song. Because are you even desi if you don’t ask someone, gaana gaake dikhao.

At this point, he is visibly confused because he doesn’t understand the context. 


You can watch the entire interaction here:

Well, it was fun watching Tom Holland sing in Hindi. Not gonna lie.