The recent extra-judicial killing of George Floyd threw the States into turmoil, as protests for black rights reached an all-time high. The movement has seen support from all quarters, but there is also a correct way to protest which seems to be going over some people’s heads.

Actress Sara Ali Khan got called out after sharing an Instagram post that said ‘All Lives Matter’, with the word ‘Black’ struck from it. It was deemed extremely ‘tone-deaf’.

She deleted the post later, but not before people let their outrage be known, and had screenshots to prove it.

People pointed out that saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean other lives don’t, and that the nuance of this movement needs to be understood.

Many on Twitter expressed disappointment at the ignorance and privilege of sharing such a post, that reduced a massive movement into yet another argument. The Black Lives Matter movement is a specific protest to draw attention to a specific problem, that arose from the fact that while it’s obvious every life matters, the lives of black people need to be given dignity and equality on par to all lives.