What if superman was an evil sociopath with no regard for human life? Well, you don’t have to imagine courtesy of The Boys‘ Homelander.   


Every time Toni Starr’s Homelander is on the screen, I genuinely feel scared for everyone in the room. And I am willing to bet everybody who watches the show feels the same. There is something just so deviated about character, something despicable and yet, we are somehow afraid to even hate him. 

I hope you realise that he just rendered The Boys’ version of Daredevil useless. 

This is really a testament to what an wonderful actor Toni Starr is. Because, if you follow him on Instagram, you know he’s a goofball. Case in point: 

We’re scared of this guy. 

Makes you wonder, if the cute photos are just a ruse behind an actual sociopath. Very unlikely, but god damn, he makes me want to believe that rabid theory. 


We have all seen some very twisted characters on screen. We are used to Game of Thrones. So Joffrey, Ramsay Bolton, The Mountain. Outside that, you’ve Thanos, Negan from TWD. Now, think all the evil things they are capable of and give him Superman’s powers! 


If I were standing across the room from Homelander, nay, across countries from him and I knew the sociopath he was, I would wear tin foil hats and live inside a bunker for the rest of my life. 

Cougar Board

Also he drinks milk weirder than how Katrina Kaif drinks mango juice. It’s just creepy!


He’s a deeply damaged human being who believes he’s a God and he’s right. I mean, Dawn of Justice would have made more sense had Batman been fighting Homelander. 

We The Pvlic

History will tell you, there is nothing more dangerous than a general who believes god is on his side. Homelander thinks he’s one!

His God complex literally wipes the line between right and wrong. It’s classic tautology. He does things because he can and he believes they needed to be done and his PR team at Vought makes sure everyone else also believes the same thing.   


He looks happy, jovial, he’s charming and he wears a star-spangled cape, takes selfies with kids. It’s like America from the movies.  


Makes you feel guilty for hating on Superman for being a boring vanilla dude, doesn’t he?


We have seen sociopaths on TV before. But he’s just the scariest man on TV. Of course, the writers of the shows and the comics deserve credit but kudos to Toni Starr for bringing such complexity and layers to someone who makes me scared every Friday!