If you, like me, are a romantic at heart who loves love, then this isn’t the best news for you. Because Harry and Francesca, from  Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, are not together anymore. And no, Haley had no role to play in this. 

To say the two had a tumultuous relationship would be an understatement. Right from the start of the show, they immediately fell for each other, only to have miscommunication (*cough, Harry’s lies, cough) and ‘distractions’ come in the way. 

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However, ultimately, the two ended up together and on the reunion episode, Harry even proposed to her. 

With both of them planning to live together in LA, where Harry moved from Australia, it looked like this fairytale was all set to come true.

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But it looks like there are no fairytales in 2020. Francesca has shared that their relationship is over, because Harry could not handle a long-distance relationship. 

In a video she released on YouTube, she talked about how the two had very different ideas about where the relationship was headed. 

She added that like most couples, she and Harry also had fights. But while she was ready to work through them, for Harry it indicated the end of the relationship. 

She also added that certain ‘rumors’ had a role to play in their break-up, but she did not specify what the rumors were about. 

Harry also took to Instagram to respond to the video. 

You can watch the whole video here:

Wonder what Lana has to say about all of this!