Joaquin Phoenix is one of the finest actors of this century and his brilliant performances have always left us in awe. Here are the actor's top 10 films, according to IMDb:

1. Earthlings - 8.7 

This documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix has never-seen-before footage from large companies that rely on animals for profit. Said to be one of the most gruesome and honest documentaries about animal abuse out there, Earthlings is not for the weak-hearted.

Source: theearthlingsexperience

2. Joker - 8.5

Joaquin Phoenix's iconic performance as Joker in this film won him the 92nd Academy Award and the BAFTA for Best actor. So it is no surprise that this film takes the second place. 

3. Gladiator - 8.5

Playing the character of Commodus in this epic drama, Joaquin Phoenix's role was small compared to the other actors in the film. But he still made quite an impact. 

Source: New Indian Express

4. Hotel Rwanda - 8.1 

As the gutsy TV reporter, Jack Daglish, Joaquin was one of the several characters that made this movie - based on the Rwandan genocide, so brilliant. 

Source: Fusion movies

5. Her - 8.0 

The story of a writer who falls in love with an AI who grows and learns with him, was a heartwarming tale that only Joaquin could have done justice to. 

Source: Mashable

6. Walk the Line - 7.8

In this musical, he played the role of the legendary singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. The film captured his romance with June Carter as he makes it through the country music scene.

Source: SBS

7. Quills - 7.3 

Joaquin played the role of Abbé du Coulmier, a French Catholic priest who runs an insane asylum in eighteenth-century France. The movie also starred Kate Winslet and Geoffrey Rush in lead roles. 

8. The Master - 7.2

He played the role of a World War II veteran who is unable to find peace after the war ends, in this psychological drama. However, he finds support and dependance in a religious movement. 

Source: YouTube

9. Parenthood - 7.0 

A teenage Joaquin stars as Garry Buckman-Lampkin in this family comedy film, alongside Steve Martin, Tom Hulce, Rick Moranis, Martha Plimpton and Keanu Reeves. 

Source: 9gag

10. Two Lovers - 7.0

Joaquin stars opposite Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw in this romantic drama about a depressed photographer torn between two women he loves. 

Source: Empire

How many of them have you watched?