The perfect trailer balances intriguing revelations with enough mystery so the viewer can’t help but want to watch the movie despite not knowing what the heck is going on. Unfortunately, some trailer creators over the years have decided to reveal the entire plot in those few minutes itself. Why? We don’t know. All we know is that they’re idiots.

1. Best Sellers

A young and dogged publisher, played by the inimitable Aubrey Plaza embarks on a book tour with an irascible, old author (played by Michael Caine). That’s a duo you immediately want to watch. Unfortunately, this trailer shows us the beginning, which is fine, but then it also shows us the things they go through in the middle of the movie, as well as how everything resolves itself at the end. Who made this?! 

2. Black Widow

By the time this movie finally came out, Marvel had released so many trailers that we pretty much knew everything that was going to go down. From Taskmaster to Red Guardian, it was all there for us to see.

3. The Tomorrow War

This sci-fi adventure starring Chris Pratt actually had a few decent surprises up its sleeve, especially during the third-act. Unfortunately, an unforgivably large section of the plot was revealed in the trailer itself, which meant going through the motions just to watch the ending.

4. Carrie

This 2013 film might have been a remake, but that doesn’t mean everyone knew what happens. Unfortunately, the trailer made sure you saw every important moment. They literally included the entire dialogue where she explains her powers. It’s ridiculous.

5. Orphan

This movie was way scarier that people give it credit for. Unfortunately, watching the movie after the trailer was pointless, apart from the ending. They showed all the messed up stuff she does, so none of the scares really had any impact. Things haven’t changed much since 2009, it seems.

6. Get Out

Jordan Peel’s directorial debut with Get Out was an absolute masterpiece. The opposite of that was the trailer, which showed us the entire goddamn movie. We saw the plot twists, we saw the hypnosis, we saw everything.  

7. Shutter Island

This trailer for Shutter Island really wound people the wrong way, and it’s easy to see why. They reveal some major plot points, as well as show Leo’s character in both his fantasy world and his real world. You just don’t do that with a Scorsese film! 

8. Jurassic World

People were quick to figure out the premise of this Chris Pratt-starrer once this trailer came out. It gives away some pretty major events and twists, from the raptors helping to the overarching plot.

9. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Part two of this British spy series did something extremely silly with the trailer –  they revealed the return of Colin Firth’s character who was shot in the head during the events of the first movie. Who does that?!

10. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

One major fail by this trailer was revealing Wonder Woman’s appearance in the film. The part at 2:19 could have built up the perfect hype, with us wondering how Supes and Batsy would escape Doomsday. Instead, they showed us everything too early. 

11. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Not to be confused with the upcoming No Way Home, the trailer for this film had some pretty revealing details. Peter goes to Europe, MJ finds out his real identity, he’s asked to join a new mission – all of that was in the trailer itself. Since then, Marvel has gotten better at hiding important plot points.

12. The Martian

A trailer is supposed to make someone want to go watch the entire movie, not spoil the story. Unfortunately, someone didn’t get the memo, as you can see Matt Damon’s character arc go from travelling to Mars, all the way to him getting stranded there, living there, and finally coming back to Earth on a spaceship. Thanks for the recap guys.

Leave a little something to the imagination, guys!