Spoilers ahead.

Bhoot, we were introduced to you in the trailer of the movie, but back then we didn’t know you would have such a great impact on us.

They say you are a wolf. But no, you are different. You are not just another wolf, you are little, cute, lovable, white, furry wolf, unlike others. Your charming and smiling appearance lights up the screen every time. 

There is so much about your character to love and admire. Even after being an outcast, you are so happy and open to all. You know no animosity and spread positive vibes wherever you go.

We were glued to our screens seeing the bond you share with Mowgli, a bond of being different, a bond of being special.

Why are you so nice Bhoot? Even after being abused by the other wolves, you just let them go as if all this never mattered to you.

You gave us such an important life lesson. You took so much bullying all your life and here we can’t stand a word against ourselves.

You taught us what a true friend would be like. If it weren’t your presence of mind, Mowgli wouldn’t have been alive. 

And then you just inspired us with your wise words. Every time you spoke to Mowgli, we felt wanted.

Your presence on the screen made us feel so special about ourselves. It’s like we all are different, yet special in our own way. 

Your death broke our hearts. It wasn’t something we were prepared for. Yes, we cried.

Of all the characters, you stood apart. You stole our hearts.

At some point in the movie, we all could relate to you and feel for you. 

You were too pure for us, you deserved so much more.