We’ve all seen what a fabulous dancer Nora Fatehi is. From her moves in O Saki Saki, Garmi and Dilbar to Chhor Denge she has won all our hearts over. But did you know, she’s been spreading the good energy and teaching dance too? 

But guess who she’s taught dance to? Well, none other than Disha Patani. We’ve also seen how the actor is an excellent dancer herself, and now we know why! She’s learnt from the best. In fact, Nora Fatehi posted a photo on her IG with Disha Patani where she’s seen thanking Disha for giving her a ‘best teacher’ gift. Apparently, she taught her how to dance way back in 2015. 

Also, in 2016 Nora Fatehi posted another photo with actor Disha Patani where she is thanking her for draping her saree. How cute is it to see both of them support each other like this. They’re both great dancers and it’s really inspiring to see two women have each other’s back!

We love seeing this bomb friendship among the two!