Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most popular Indian actors, loved by people across the nation. She is also the victim of vicious trolling, where people felt comfortable commenting on not just her, but also her daughter and attacking her parenting style.  

As is the case with most celebrities, recently, photos from the airport, of Aishwarya with her daughter surfaced online.

And people flooded the photo with comments on Aishwarya “mollycoddling and pampering” her daughter. 

This is not even the first time that such comments have been left on Aishwarya’s photos and videos with Aaradhya. In fact, these are common to most of her photos, along with the requests to have a second child – which is weird and definitely crosses boundaries. 

Back in 2018 also, a photo of Aishwarya kissing her daughter had gone viral and people had brutally trolled her. 

At the time Aishwarya had shut down the trolls with a savage response. But it’s not about how Aishwarya is handling the trolls. But rather about why is she being targetted in such a manner, in the first place?

We are not privy to a celeb’s lifestyle and a single photo can only give us a glimpse of their lives, not disclose their entire life story. Moreover, Aishwarya isn’t just a celebrity, she is also a mother. To comment on her parenting style, basis a few photos, and call her out, is petty and non-sensical. 

More importantly, if the roles were reversed, a father would have earned praises for being attentive and caring. 

Even worse is that women can clearly, never have it right in a patriarchal society. If they don’t give due attention then they are branded as unfit mothers, who love work more than their children. And if they give too much attention to the child, then again they’re attacked for spoiling the child. 

Reddit thread even called out the trolls and commented on the obvious difference in how celebrity fathers and mothers are treated by the general public. 

But who gave people the right to comment on another person’s life? And when will women stop being under attack, all the time? It’s high time we realize that most of the parents are trying to do their best for their children, and no two mothers can have the same parenting style.