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Only A True Fan Can 'Keel' It In This Ultimate 'Go Goa Gone' Quiz

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Is Khooni Monday the anthem of your Monday mornings? Does your phone play Baba ji ki Booty every time that clock strikes 4:20? In simple words, are you ready to kill this quiz like Boris "keels dead peepal"? 

Then wait no longer and attack this quiz like you'd attack a zombie: 

1. Name this character: 

2. According to the film, what part of a zombie do you shoot at, to kill it?

3. What is the name of the drug that turns people into zombies?

4. Which of the following actors has a cameo in the film?

5. Bunny discovers that the zombies go stationary when attacked by a drug. Which drug is it? 

6. Complete the lyrics: 
Baba ke sidhe prasaaran mein rukawat toh hai 
Magar rukawat ke liye _________

7. Hardik, Luv, and Bunny find the zombie-making drug at a rave party but do not consume it. Why? 

8. Which of the following is Bunny's catchphrase that Luv also uses?

9. Which of the following is not a dialogue from the film? 

All images are screenshots from Youtube. 


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