For many of us who have witnessed the attitude era, we know that wrestling is no longer the same. Those days of extreme stunts, hardcore wrestling and unending rivalries are gone. But there was a time when it was very much a part of our lives. It wasn’t live, we received the telecast almost a month later but we still were pretty happy imitating our heroes in the ring. From the Sharpshooter to the Rock Bottom to the Stunner, we had all practiced those moves on siblings and friends or were probably the ones to take the fall, but our love for the sport remained immortal. Here are 33 signs that prove you were a loyal WWE fan while growing up:

1. We remember arguing with everyone that WWE was real.

We never believed in storylines as kids. For us, everything inside and outside the ring was unplanned, unscripted and genuine.


2. We also remember when it used to be WWF.

The World Wrestling Federation, as it was known before, decided to “get the F out” and was suddenly changed to WWE in 2002. The logo took time to get used to.


3. For us, the Vince McMahon-Stone Cold rivalry was the best.


4. We thought that The Undertaker had actually died and come back.

As kids, we thought all the stories surrounding the dead man were true.

5. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was always the good guy.

We can’t forget that he used to give his dark glasses to kids in the front row.


6. Stone Cold Steve Austin taught us the middle finger.

Most of us saw him using it for the first time and without knowing what it meant, we still thought it was pretty cool.


7. And Mankind was ‘The Hardcore’ legend.

We never saw anyone go as crazy as he did, be it falling on thumb pins or off the cage. Mankind is a hall of famer because of his hardcore legacy.

8. DX seemed to be the coolest thing around.

All their shenanigans, funny acts and rebellious nature, made us believe that they were the epitome of cool.

9. We can never forget Paul Bearer and the urn.


10. The TLC matches between The Hardy Boys, Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian were legendary.

When it came to being extreme, these matches topped the charts. The Dudley Bombs, Swanton, Spears, aah… weren’t they just awesome.


11. Who can forget The People’s Champion’s famous quotes “If you smell what the Rock is cooking” or “Just bring it!”?

We all tried raising our eyebrows like he did.


12. We could spend an entire day playing trump cards.

“Height: 6’4″, CLASH!”


13. We thought the Ultimate Warrior was the ultimate fighter.

Who can forget his One Warrior Nation?


14. We were all familiar with the NWO.

The New World Order shifted from WCW to WWE and they were THE BAD GUYS.


15. No matter how much we hated Vince McMahon, we know no one can replace him.

He was the devil, but he made the sport work like no one can. A true genius.

16. We have witnessed some of the best Royal Rumbles.

How about Shawn Michaels entering at No. 1 and winning it or Stone Cold throwing the Rock out in the end to go on to Wrestlemania?

17. We have seen Undertaker in both his avatars.

Taker as the ‘Dead Man’ and the badass Harley riding demon.


18. Eddie Guerrero’s lying, cheating and stealing intrigued us.

Along with this talent, he did bring in some comedy. It was a sad day when Eddie passed away.


19. We are familiar with every member of the Hart family and their friend the British Bull Dog.

Arguably, one of the most talented families in the industry.


20. Who can forget Hulk Hogan tearing up his t-shirt?

The immortal one who kept reminding us to take our vitamins.


21. We still wish we heard the glass shattering theme more often.

It only meant that something crazy was coming when Stone Cold Steve Austin entered.


22. Triple H wasn’t always the fan favourite but him spitting water was a sight we all loved.

Admit it, the heavyweight title did look good around his waist.


23. The Rock and Stone Cold battles were legendary.

The Rock Bottoms and The Stunners, no one sold out an arena like they did.


24. We also remember John Cena being a thug-life rapper.


25. The image of the ring breaking when Brock Lesnar superplexed the Big Show is clear in our heads.


26. We are all familiar with Rikishi’s butt.

No matter how stinky it may be, the Stink Face will remain immortal. And who can forget the dance afterwards?


27. And the first huge icon- Yokozuna.


28. But for us, Kane was the real demon.

Who can forget his tag team with his brother The Undertaker. Together, they were the brothers of destruction.

Source: 4crwrestling

29. We can never forget, the Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit matches

Toothless aggression and the “YOU SUCK” Olympic-hero. The best technicians of the era.


30. We always preferred it over WCW or ECW.

Eventually, WWE did succeed and WCW was shutdown.


31. Although we wished for few of their wrestlers to come to WWE and they did.

Who can forget Goldberg? He ‘spear’headed his way to the top when he came here.


32. How about the 16 time World Champion who went to WCW and came back?

The Nature Boy- Ric Flair!


33. And who can forget the Divas of those times?

Lita, Trish Stratus, Sable, Debra and so many more who are legends of the sport and catapulted the Divas division to a whole new level.


But for most of us, wrestling ended when the attitude era came to end.