Thanks to the power of good acting, our never-ending belief in love and other equally inexplicable reasons, we have romanticized countless on-screen couples to the point where their relationship has become the pedestal we pit our real relationships against. But, we miss the red flags disguised as romance. 

These are the 14 couples we idolized onscreen; but, who would require couples’ counselling in real life:

1. Rory & Dean: Gilmore Girls

Dean was always jealous of everything – even Rory’s academic commitments. Since Dean was married at the time, the relationship should not have been revived. Renewing a relationship with your married ex is never a good idea.

2. Piper & Alex: Orange Is the New Black

For starters, they both landed the other in jail. Even when viewed from rose-tinted glasses, their relationship, full of rampant cheating and revenge plots, was unstable to the point of being toxic.

3. Meredith & Derek: Grey’s Anatomy

Derek was married when he started dating Meredith and their unstable relationship was further messed up with a botched medical trial, that only happened because they didn’t function well together. Plus, they couldn’t stand each other’s success.  


4.Cersei & Jaimie:  Game of Thrones 

Twincest is definitely a hard cookie to digest, but these two had other problems, too. In his obsession, he even raped her near their son’s dead body. And she cheated on her own brother with her young cousin. And they almost killed a child to protect their secret.

5. Serena & Dan: Gossip Girl

As the Gossip Girl, Dan actually spread nasty information about everyone, including Serena and his own sister. She may have believed it to be a ‘love letter’ to their school years, but that’s definitely fiction talking.

6. Aria & Ezra: Pretty Little Liars

She was only 16 when she thought she’d ‘fallen’ in love, and he wasn’t just some random older guy; he was her English teacher, who lied to her to get into her pants. In real life, that’s a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

7. Penny & Leonard: The Big Bang Theory

Penny definitely did not value him (or his feeble attempts to fight her ex-boyfriend) initially. In fact, Penny only accepts him when she has no one else to turn to! And sure, his crush is cute, but his Mommy issues aren’t.

8. Danny & Mindy: The Mindy Project

Danny was always mean; even if it was just about Mindy’s eating habits, while Mindy fails to respect his need for privacy. When you don’t understand each other, should you still be with each other?

9. Jackie and Fez: That ’70s Show

First of all, was there any girl Fez did not lust after? Jackie, on her part, defined whiny and entitled. Their coming together seemed to be a result of boredom; not genuine chemistry.

10. Olivia & Fitz: Scandal

They always brought out the worst in each other and, as the show progressed, they repeatedly had the same conversation, without resolving their differences. A relationship rut isn’t romantic.

11. Rachel & Finn: Glee

Finn was not ‘her person’. Infidelity is not the way you begin or even continue a relationship, that’s only how you end it. Instead, on the show, infidelity transformed to revenge make-out sessions with other people and constant quarrels with each other.

12. Ross & Rachel: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Ross had trust issues and failed to support Rachel when she finally got a job she liked, while Rachel tried to sabotage his marriage on the day of his wedding. Were they really each other’s lobsters?

13. Carrie & Mr. Big: Sex and the City

From not marrying her, but having an illicit affair with her – when she was perfectly better off with Aiden (perfection was his name), to jilting her at the altar after YEARS of being together – Mr. Big was not the ideal man!

14. Ted & Robin: How I Met Your Mother 

Ted was looking for a homemaker while Robin wanted to focus on her career and not marriage and kids. Opposites do attract; but, for a relationship to work, you also need similarities; which they didn’t have much of.

These couples are the reason why we think drama and complication is romantic. Relationships don’t have to be that complex, really.  Hence, they were not the ideal couples in any scenario.