The most important elements of any popular TV show are the characters. We all love these characters because they can be related to. Trusting on sun signs is often shunned by thinkers. Still, most people tend to trust them and are able to easily relate to the things written in their daily horoscopes. Although we don’t advise you to read too much into horoscopes but we can definitely have a lot of fun by trying to relate a few pop-culture icons with their supposed sun signs.

And yes, we do realise that many (if not all) of these characters do have sun signs in their own fictional universes. Having said that, here’s which sun signs these should’ve had, based on their personalities.

1. Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

Smart, independent and gets things done.

Best suited sun sign: Aries

There’s no body better than Meredith Grey to represent exactly how Aries are. She has a knack of solving problems while being in control of her emotions. 


2. Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)

Quirky, eccentric and a heart of gold.

Best suited sun sign: Taurus

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is one of the most iconic characters in modern pop-culture simply because of his simplicity and eccentric behaviour at times. He might be a pain in the ass but he has a heart of gold.


3. Don Draper (Mad Men)

Street smart, fast learners and classy. 

Best suited sun sign: Gemini

They are so skilled that they can master anything that is given to them. They are exciting and can find their ways out of the most difficult problems.

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4. Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Energetic, imaginative and protective.

Best suited sun-sign: Cancer

Walter White is the perfect fit for a Cancerian. He is extremely imaginative (as seen by his creative way to dispose off dead bodies) and he is protective about his people (“Stay out of my territory!”).


5. Frank Underwood (House Of Cards)

Power hungry, Smart and Authoritative.

Best suited sun-sign: Leo

There’s no character who is a better Leo than Frank Underwood. Frank wants power and he’d stop at nothing short of that. When a Leo talks, you better listen.


6. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

Righteous, caring and always looking forward to new experiences.

Best suited sun-sign: Virgo

Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly is the perfect Virgo. He would do the right thing no matter what but his decisions would always be in tune with his friends. Just like Captain Reynolds, Virgos always want to experience new things in life.


7. Omar Little (The Wire)

Strong sense of justice, great leaders and gullible.

Best suited sun-sign: Libra


8. Tyrion Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

Witty, excellent oratory skills and manipulative.

Best suited sun-sign: Scorpio

Tyrion Lannister is easily one of the most popular character in TV history. Tyrion’s quick witted banter and brilliant negotiations have often saved his life. Whenever in trouble, he always finds the easy way out.


9. Barry Allen (The Flash)

Practical, caring and lively.

Best suited sun-sign: Sagittarius

Barry Allen is extremely practical in his approach to fighting crime. He cares about his team and is willing to risk his life to protect the world. His excitement and general zeal makes him a great company.


10. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Tenacious, successful and no tolerance for stupidity.

Best suited sun-sign: Capricorn

Sherlock Holmes is tenacious as he doesn’t stop at anything but the best. This quality makes Capricorns extremely successful. Their low tolerance for stupid people around them often makes them seem like assholes but they care for those close to them.


11. Chandler Bing (FRIENDS)

Funny, creative and have a heart of gold.

Best suited sun-sign: Aquarius

Chandler Bing is everything an Aquarian is like. He is smart, funny and creative. He can take a joke on himself. He is an excellent friend and the one you’d want to stick to for the rest of your lives.

12. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

Determined, Badass and Awesome!

Best suited sun-sign: Pisces

Once a Piscean has put his/her attention on something, they’d stop at nothing short of it. They want the best our of every situation and are ready to work hard for it. They are emotional but they don’t let their emotions come in the way of success.


Which other character can fit your sun sign? Let us know in the comment section.